What is Mutuavet?

What's the difference between Mutuavet and pet insurance?

Is there a discount for services that are not included in a plan?

How does Mutuavet work?

How does a Mutuavet plan work for my puppy or kitten?

Why does my puppy or kitten need a Mutuavet plan?

When should my puppy or kitten by spayed or neutered?

Why does my young, healthy adult pet need a Mutuavet plan?

Can I personalize my Mutuavet with other options?

How much does a Mutuavet plan cost?

How do I pay for the Mutuavet services?

Can I change the level of my Mutuavet plan during the plan year?

I have more than one pet. Do I get a discount on multiple Mutuavet plans?

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

P. What is Mutuavet?

Mutuavet is designed to provide annual preventive care. Includes visits with physical examination, vaccines, diagnostics for early detection, consultations for proper nutrition, dental care and more! Mutuavet is not insurance. Does not include treatment for unpredictable or abnormal conditions. But it offers very substantial discounts on all veterinary services.

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P. What's the difference between Mutuavet and pet insurance?

Mutuavet provides veterinary care preventive rather than reactive. Pet insurance offers coverage for many unforeseen circumstances. our preventive care approach allows us to see, treat and prevent those problems ahead of time. At Mutuavet we partner with you to combine physical exams, immunizations, screening for diseases and other health necessities into one affordable veterinary care package for your dog, puppy, kitten or cat. Beyond preventive care basics, each plan offers unlimited doctor visits and other services to monitor, maintain and improve the health of your pet.

Mutuavet is designed to improve the overall pet health preventive offering services of integral attention for the health of pets, while insurance only covers the treatment of disease and injury from occurring. Considering it not all illnesses are covered depending on the age and breed of your pet. Mutuavet includes free consultations to address any problems in animal health. Whether already existing or if they are new. There is currently no health insurance to cover pre-existing conditions.

Mutuavet offers practical services for free with monthly payments without having to pay financing costs.

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P. Is there a discount for services that are not included in a plan?

Yes, discounts range from 12% and 20% off depending on the plan level selected. In almost all plans, office visits are always free.

With Mutuavet discounts apply to:

Treatment for intestinal worms, fleas and ticks, commercial and prescription diets, Shop fittings, x-rays, analysis, ultrasound, surgery ... and so on.

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P. How does Mutuavet work?

We have grouped our health plans in two categories: plans for dogs and plans for cats. Each of the two categories are made to meet the needs of younger pets with Mutuavet Puppy and Mutuavet Kitten. For adults we have plans with different levels of coverage that our team of veterinarians will help you to choose. And you can add our extras for better meet your needs. Thus you will have your own costumized plan. Each plan includes a package of preventive care services, and discounts that are designed to meet the needs of your pet.

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P. How does a Mutuavet plan work for my puppy or kitten?

We will see your puppy or kitten frequently during his or her first year of life. At your first visit, we’ll assess your pet’s overall health and provide the first set of diagnostic tests, vaccines and deworming to protect him or her against a wide variety of diseases and infections. Over the course of the first months of life, we may see your pet up to six times to provide all of the vaccines and deworming treatments, and spay or neuter surgery if you have a kitten. If your puppy or kitten gets sick, you can always use your free office visits and important discounts in other services.

For your convenience we will schedule visits so that when you come to see us you do not have to wait and your pet will not be nervous.

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P. Why does my puppy or kitten need a Mutuavet plan?

It’s important to establish an early habit of preventive care for your puppy or kitten less than six months old. Getting your puppy or kitten on a Mutuavet plan ensures that he or she gets all of the vaccines and boosters that are critical to start on the right paw. Our skilled medical team will do an in-depth evaluation of your puppy or kitten’s overall health, including diagnostic testing to identify disease, parasites and infections. Our Mutuavet Kitten includes a spay or neuter surgery to help your pet live a healthier, happier and longer life

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P.When should my puppy or kitten by spayed or neutered?

We recommend that the spay or neuter surgery be done when your puppy or kitten is six months old. Performing this surgery early in your pet’s life helps avoid some of the potential behavior problems typically associated with sexual maturity (urine marking and roaming, for example). Pets at this age also tend to be the appropriate weight, with fewer complicating health problems, which makes the procedure much quicker and less invasive. At this young age, the surgery is often less painful and taxing for your pet and recovery is faster.

Before the surgery, we will run blood tests to ensure that your pet is ready for this procedure. During surgery, we use high quality anesthetic protocols and we will carefully monitor your pet.

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P. Why does my young, healthy adult pet need a Mutuavet plan?

All pets, even young, healthy adult pets, need regular, ongoing preventive care to stay healthy. Pets age five to seven years for every human year and many hide problems or pain, so ongoing preventive care is important at any age. Good food and regular exercise are important, but young, adult pets also need regular veterinary care for protection against parasites, infections and diseases. Mutuavet plans include an established schedule of care that’s just right for your dog or cat. Your veterinarian will see your pet four times a year for a comprehensive review of their health. We’ll be able to identify and treat issues early, before they become more serious and harder to address. You know your dog and cat, and we can help you keep them at their peak health.

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P. Can I personalize my Mutuavet with other options?

Absolutely! We developed "extra" options to give you the flexibility to personalize your pet’s wellness plan. We offer a range of services that you can add to the Mutuavet plan you chose, adding a small amount on your monthly fee. Below are some of the options that you can add to meet the unique needs of your dog or cat.

Dog: leishmania, platinium, external parasites, sterilization, dental cleaning, etc.
Cat: platinium, external parasites, sterilization, dental cleaning, etc.

Talk to the Mutuavet team about the options that are right for your pet.

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P. How much does a Mutuavet plan cost?

Prices vary by species, age, and the services that best meet the needs of your dog or cat. Your Mutuavet team will work with you to finalize your plan and costs with the unique needs of your pet in mind.

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P. How do I pay for the Mutuavet services?

You can spread the cost of your wellness plan in monthly payments. Dog and cat Mutuavet plans can be done across the 12 months of your annual agreement. Puppy plans are payed in six months and kitten in seven. Your monthly payments can be automatically withdrawn from a savings account so that you don’t have to worry about them once you enroll. We also offer the option of paying in full if you prefer.

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P. Can I change the level of my Mutuavet plan during the plan year?

The previous study that makes the Mutuavet veterinary team with the owner greatly reduces the possibility of having to change the level of your wellness plan in the current year, but there are situations where it makes sense to move to a different plan level before then. For example, your pet may need additional care that is available on a higher plan level. In that situation, we can stop the current plan and upgrade your pet to a higher plan. To move to a lower plan level (downgrade) is even more unusual. El hecho de haber disfrutado de servicios que no contempla el plano inferior dificulta el cálculo de las cuotas a pagar y en general se recomienda esperar a que acabe el periodo para bajar de nivel.Demote is even more unusual. To have enjoyed services not included in a lower level difficult to calculate the fees to pay and generally is recommended wait out the period to downgrade.

When you finally make the change of plan it is mandatory to wait the expiration of the previous monthly payment to start paying the new fee. If you have hired extras in an earlier plan it should be investigated there are no incompatibilities. If any, it must be payed the rest of the amount of the incompatible extra before starting to pay the fee of the new plan.

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P. I have more than one pet. Do I get a discount on multiple Mutuavet plans?

Yes. The second pet on a Mutuavet plan will enjoy a 10% discount on the monthly fee. The third and following pet will have a 20% discount on the monthly fee.

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P. What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

Plan services are provided at significant discounts under an annual agreement. Agreements may be cancelled at any time. However, under the monthly pay option, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation the client is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the plan less payments made (whichever is less). To cancel or set a plan to non-renew it must be notified in writing at least one month before the time of the interruption.

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